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Sergey Chernyshov, First Deputy Mayor of the City of Khabarovsk, visited Portland the week of June 3-10, 2014 as the Khabarovsk administration's delegate to the Portland Rose Festival.  While in Portland, Chernyshov officially recognized the role that PKSCA's Solid Waste Management Initiative (1999 - 2005) played in development of Khabarovsk's new, modern municipal waste collection and disposal system.










In a gathering of PKSCA members on June 9th, Sergey Chernyshov and Alexei Izotov, Head of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise responsible for waste management in Khabarovsk, presented PKSCA President Alan Ellis with a book and plaque commemorating the contributions of more than two dozen Portland citizens toward closing the old muncipal dump and designing a new state of the art waste transportation and disposal system.  Chernyshov told PKSCA that the old dump is now closed and being remediated to abate noxious odors and pests that had plagued the growing city, and that the new landfill located 60 kilometers out of town is in full operation.  The new landfill construction is based on design parameters introduced by Portland experts and the waste transfer and transportation scheme utilizes strategies and technologies developed in Oregon.  (See the April 15, 2010 online news article Compactors to Help Improve East Russia City's Waste Disposal. 


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