What is your favorite activity in Khabarovsk?

What is your favorite activity in Khabarovsk?

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The spring of 2014 saw an unprecedented sister city travel exchange between the Portland Khabarovsk Sister City Association and the Khabarovsk City Administration. In the 26 years of Portland’s sister city partnership with Khabarovsk there had never been a back-to-back goodwill exchange like the one that happened in June 2014.  As Portland's delegation returned from Khabarovsk’s Day of the City Festival - literally on the same flight - Khabarovsk's delegation arrived for Portland's Rose Festival. The whirlwind nature of the exchange notwithstanding, it was an exemplary display of sister city cordiality and friendship amidst a backdrop of international acrimony (over Ukraine)—in short, a prime example of what sister city partnerships should be all about.

Pictured left to right, are: President Alan Ellis, Head of the Khabarovsk Office of International Protocol Tatyana Ivanova, PKSCA Member Pam Hall, PKSCA Board Member Scott Rook and PKSCA Member Robbie Steeves.

PKSCA Receives Official Praise for Contributions to Khabarovsk's Municipal Waste System PDF Print E-mail


Sergey Chernyshov, First Deputy Mayor of the City of Khabarovsk, visited Portland the week of June 3-10, 2014 as the Khabarovsk administration's delegate to the Portland Rose Festival.  While in Portland, Chernyshov officially recognized the role that PKSCA's Solid Waste Management Initiative (1999 - 2005) played in development of Khabarovsk's new, modern municipal waste collection and disposal system.

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