What is your favorite activity in Khabarovsk?

What is your favorite activity in Khabarovsk?

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One thing Russia and the U.S. still do agree on these days is the monumental role played by the Soviet people in the defeat of Hitler, an achievement commemorated annually in grandiose style in Russia during the holiday known as "The Day of Victory" or simply "The 9th of May". (It's very similar in tradition to America's 4th of July--patriotic parades and music, family picnics, fireworks, etc.) Accordingly, in the spirit of Russo-American cooperation and friendship, the Portland-Khabarovsk Sister City Association annually celebrates Victory Day with an event that features poignanrt narratives and poetry, festive music & danciing, Russian cuisine, and, in 2016, the showing of the classic award-winning Soviet WWiI film, "The Cranes are Flying".

Our 2017 "Victory Day Movie Night Commemoration / Celebration" is on Sunday, May 7th, 6:30-8:45 pm, at Fifth Ave. Cinema (510 SW Hall St, Portland 97201).  For the general admission price of $5 ($3 for students and 65+ seniors), help yourself to Russian appetizers (закуски) and refreshments, while enjoying Russian music and songs by pianist John Bennett and singer/guitarist Natlia Hougen, along with commemorative poems and narratives, featuring Natalie Verdi (whose relatives fought on the Soviet side in WWII) and 16-year old Catlin Gabel student Seth Talyansky (who won an award for his outstanding presentation at a recent Russian poetry competition called <Поэтическая Избушка>).  The Victory Day event culminates with the award winning Soviet film "Wartime Romance" (<Военно-полевой Роман>).


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Portland holds its Rose Festival at the beginning of June, Khabarovsk its Day of the City Festival at the end of May--both serving as showcases for sister city delegations. Over the years, PKSCA has sent several delegations to Khabarovsk to represent Portland during Day of the City, and in 2014 the Khabarovsk City Administration reciprocated for the first time with the sending of a delegation to Portland for Rose Festival Week. Last year, In 2016, the members of the popular Portland band Three for Silver--all three PKSCA members--did double-duty at Day of the City, serving both as Day of the City delegates and musical performers. And as 2017 begins, yet another PKSCA delegation is being organized to travel to Khabarovsk for Day of the City. The cost of hotel lodging, meals, transport, excursions, and VIP events for up to 5 sister city delegates is totally covered by the Khabarovsk City Administration, with delegates responsible for airfare. To qualify to particpate as a PKSCA delegate, you must be a dues-paying member for 2017 and willing to represent PKSCA and Portland at the festival. For additional information, icontact PKSCA President Alan Ellis ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ),  Mr. Ellis will be leading the delegation. 

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The Portland Khabarovsk Sister City Association is supported and - in great regard - is validated by its membership. While specific projects might attract funding from USAID and other funding sources from time to time, the Association's general operating budget comes solely from membership dues.  PKSCA would not exist without its all-volunteer Board of Directers and its membership dues.  PKSCA membership is on a calendar-year basis, although the Association begins its membership drive every year at its Bridge to Russia event in October.  PKSCA is a recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  All of our programs are funded by donors and grants, not by the City of Portland.

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